Saturday, 20 November 2010

Anne's Pledge Week Trouble

A story by John "Hobbit" Goetz.

Anne grew up in a very strict home.  She had become accustomed to bare bottomed spankings by hand and with her large, old fashioned wooden hairbrush.  For regular spankings she had to lift her skirt up above her waist and pull her panties down to mid thigh before going over her father's lap.  When she had gotten into very serious trouble she would get a taste of her father's leather belt.  When she was going to get the belt, she had to strip completely before bending over the back of a chair.  When she was in position, she had to ask her father to remove his belt and give her the strapping that she had coming.

Consequently the punishment that Anne received that afternoon when John caught her completing a sorority initiation stunt was no surprise. 

Anne went to John's orchard to gather a bushel of apples without being caught.  Anne had finished collecting the basket of apples when she heard someone approaching through the trees; she spun around quickly to see that John, the orchard owner had caught her red handed.  Jon was furious.  These pranks were becoming very expensive.  

"Well young person, who are you?" John asked in a firm, calm voice. 

Anne spoke up "My name is Anne, sir."  

"It looks as if your little stunt is going to get you a police record." John continued.

"Please, do not call the police" Anne begged. "I won’t get into the sorority if you do." 

"Well I am not going to let you off the hook" said John. 

Anne thought for a moment and said that she probably deserved a spanking.  John looked at her thoughtfully for a few moments.  Anne, at eighteen had become quite attractive. She kept her shoulder length blonde hair pulled neatly into pigtails. Her ample breasts were unrestrained by a bra and pushed out the front of her pale pink tank top quite nicely.  The tight faded blue jeans she wore accentuated the full curves of her bottom.  John agreed, grabbed her wrist and led her swiftly and silently towards his house. 

Anne began to feel a strange lust for this stranger.  Once in side his tastefully decorated log home he brought her directly to his study and closed the door before moving the chair out from behind his desk and sitting down.  Anne was nervous about the impending spanking.  She realized that John was going to spank her very hard.  She also felt a pleasant tingling in her pussy.  This plain but rugged man was exciting immensely.  From years of experience she knew what she had to do.  Anne moved over to stand in front of John.  She hesitantly unbuttoned her Levi's and pulled them down off her hips, bent at the waist and pushed them down to her ankles.  Anne straightened up not sure about baring her bottom in front of this man.  John cleared his throat, and pulled down her white cotton panties exposing her shaved pubic mound.  

Anne stood exposed and waiting.  John didn't let her wait long, before he pulled her over his knee.  John firmly gripped her left hip and raised his right hand high in the air and slapped it down hard onto her right cheek.  Anne remained quiet through the first five or six slaps, then she began to squirm on John's lap and sob.  She began to notice his swelling penis.  The spanking continued with a steady rain of hard slaps landing all over Anne's quivering bottom.  By the twentieth slap she had given up any concern for her modesty and was kicking her legs wildly exposing her most intimate parts to John.  By the time she had received about seventy-five slaps she was sobbing and gasping uncontrollably. Anne had also become intensely horny.  John let her up and she danced around wildly causing her breasts to jiggle and sway enticingly.  She rubbed both hands on her bright red bottom, trying to rub away the stinging from her cheeks.  John said "You have only learned part of your lesson Anne.  Now you’ll taste my belt!"

"Yes sir I do deserve your belt too, sir!"  Anne mumbled

Anne stepped out of her jeans and panties that had fallen down around here ankles, then she removed her tank top revealing her firm breasts and swollen nipples.  Anne took a deep breath and walked around to the back of the chair giving John a full view of her lovely body.  Anne spread her legs wide placing one foot on the outside of each of the chairs rear legs. She took a deep breath and bent deeply over the back of the chair. Feeling the smooth leather upholstery against her exposed breasts stimulated her nipples.  Anne realized that in this position her anus and swollen vulva were fully exposed, this only added to her already burning passion. 

John quickly removed his belt and folded it in half and took up a position behind her.  John allowed the tension to build for a few moments, enjoying this exciting view before him.  John raised the belt high in the air and brought it down across the fullest part of her bottom, eliciting a sharp gasp from Anne's lips.  The second stroke came as quickly and with the same force as the first.  John gave Anne a total of thirty-five strokes with his belt.  Thoroughly covering her already red bottom, leaving welts where the belt had landed.  John had never spanked a woman this way but he learned quickly,  he had even gotten one in the crease where thigh meets bottom and one across her thighs.  After the final stroke from the belt had landed, Anne collapsed limply over the chair and pleaded "Please fuck me hard, sir."

John slowly removed his clothes.  Anne rolled onto her back and spread her thighs as far apart as she could.  John now understood the special needs of this wonderful young woman.  John grabbed a handful of her hair and kissed her hard on the mouth wrestling her tongue with his.  With his free hand he squeezed her right breast and firmly pinched and pulled on the nipple before switching breasts and giving her left breast the same treatment.  John put his face down to her breasts and began biting her breasts and nipples. John picked up his belt giving the inside of Anne's thighs and swollen vulva a couple of strokes.  Driving her to the edge of the intense orgasm only hinted at by the tingling experienced over John's lap and bent over the chair. 

By this time Anne was soaking wet and ready for a good hard fuck.  John moved in between her legs, lifted her legs onto his shoulders, placed a ribbed condom on his erection.  John briefly teased her clitoris with the head of his penis before penetrating her completely in one forceful thrust, driving her sore bottom into the coarse carpet adding to the intensity of the moment.  John continued to fuck her with long hard thrusts pulling almost completely out before pushing all the way back in moving his hips to increase the friction against her throbbing clitoris.

He continued twisting and pulling on her nipples, and biting her breasts and tugging on her silky blonde hair.  Anne's breath became more and more ragged as she neared orgasm.  Her vagina began to quiver and milk John's penis as he ejaculated into the latex sheath sending Anne over the edge into the most delightful orgasm she had ever experienced.

As the last waves of orgasm slipped away, Anne decided she had developed a new taste for apples and would have to come back to pick some soon.

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