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Au Pair Training

It had been five weeks since Anna had come to work for us. Highly recommended by the agency we were more than a little disappointed with her performance. She displayed a lethargic and apathetic attitude towards her duties around the house and seem to live for her days off. Betty and I had talked with her several times, both together and by ourselves in an attempt to improve her work. All to no avail. Finally, I called the agency and told them that Anna was just not working out and that we were going to have to let her go. Mrs. Jacobson asked that I come in and talk with her first, and I agreed, scheduling an appointment for that afternoon.

At dinner I told Betty that I was going to take the next few days off to stay around the house and supervise Anna very close ly. I explained that Mrs. Jacobson had told me to give it one more try and if it didn't work out that they would refund our fee in full and provide us with a new maid without charge. Betty said she thought that was a good idea as Anna did have the qualifications for the job and only lacked the enthusiasm. I promised Betty that by the time she returned from Charlotte that either Anna would be perfect or we would have a new maid.

I returned to the house about 8:45 the next morning from dropping off Betty at the airport. Anna was not in the kitchen and the breakfast dishes were still on the table. I looked through the house and found her in the master bedroom bath soaking in a hot bubble bath. I was stunned. Not only was she not working but she had invaded a private sanctum. I ripped a bath towel from the rack, threw it at her and told her to come into the bedroom immediately. She scooted into the bedroom in just a minute wrapped in the towel.

"Anna", I scolded, controlling my displeasure, "you come with the highest recommendations from the agency, your previous employer was sorely upset that we had lured you away to work for us. And I don't know why." Sitting down in my chair I continued, "Mrs. Jacobson told me that you had been trained in the old school ways and that perhaps I should treat you more as servant than employee. I guess that is what I will have to do. As of now you will address me as sir and only as sir. Do you understand?"

Anna dropped her head and replied, "Yes, Sir."

"It is my understanding that servants trained in the old school were punished for their misbehavior", I continued. Being as stern as I could I went on. "Anna, you will go to your room immediately and await me. You needn't bother dressing as I have a new outfit for you to wear. And while you are waiting for me to come to your room think about the punishment I am going to give your for not working and using our private bath." Without looking up Anna replied, "Yes, Sir". And quickly departed the bedroom.

I waited a half hour before going to Anna's room. Upon entering she stood up from the edge of the bed where she had been sitting. She said, "Sir, I am sorry for not doing my duties this morning and for using your bath, but please, Sir don't punish me? I promise that I will improve and work to your satisfaction. Sir, please don't punish me."

"Anna, you should have thought of that many weeks ago. However, I will not force anything on you. Merely, pack your things and be out of the house by noon." I replied. "And know this, I will give you a poor reference, recommending that you not be hired." I was turning to leave the room when Anna spoke.

"Sir, you are right. I can only perform my duties when I work for an old fashioned family. The Denaux's were such a family, that is why I had such a good recommendation. I must have this job sir. It is also necessary for me to be treated in the old fashioned way." Dropping the towel to the floor she continued, "Sir, you have some new clothes for me to put on, I assume, before you punish me for my misbehavior." I looked at her stunned not only by her magnificent body, but also at the ease with which she capitulated.

"Yes, I do. Anna stand in the corner while lay them out," I commanded. She turned and walked to the corner and stood there silent, her red hair hanging halfway down against that alabaster back. After some lingering moments looking at Anna's round ass I took out the clothes which Mrs. Jacobson had provided me. Opening up the other case I removed a three inch spined butt plug, a fifteen inch wooden ruler, a well used old school paddle, and a curved birch switch. Glancing at my watch I thought, enough time before lunch to probably use all of these.

I went over and sat down in the chair against the wall and said to Anna, "go over to the bed now and I will instruct you on the clothing you will be wearing". Anna turned and walked over to the bed. Glancing down as she got there she gasped. "Anna", I commanded, "You will start with the corset. Of course it is a size too small, but put it on anyway. The ribbons on the side are not for bows, but to tie your arms with if necessary." She picked up the grey corset and fingered it momentarily, pulling on the pink ribbons. Anna struggled into it with obvious trouble at the small size. "Come here Anna", I directed, "and turn around." She walked over to me and turned. I reached up and started pulling the laces on the corset together. When I had finished Anna's 24 inch waist was now nineteen inches.

I turned her around and found that her breasts were pushed up well above the cups of the corset. Anna's somewhat small 34b breasts, now looked large in the cups of a 32a corset. Her nipples were completely exposed, and already sticking out. And the contrast between the soft grey material and the pink of them was striking. "Okay, Anna, now go put on the garter and stockings". Anna turned and walked to the bed, picking up the garter and fastening it around her waist. She sat down on the edge of the bed and put on the stockings, fastening each one to the garter. When she finished I continued, "Anna pick up the tap pants and the butt plug and come back over here". She picked up the sparklely pink pants and with some hesitation the butt plug. Standing before me I took the plug and told her to bend over and spread her ass cheeks. Anna hesitated.

"Anna at any time you wish you may quit. And be discharged, the decision is yours," I said. Anna turned to the side and bent over. Laying the pants on the floor she reached back with her hands and spread her ass apart. I took the butt plug and gently placed it against her rosebud. Anna wiggled a little and a long slow breath escaped her lips. I pushed on the little plug and it started to go in. When I had about an inch in I stopped pushing. Anna seemed to relax a little when I stopped pushing. "That's right Anna, just relax. It won't be so severe that way." With that I gave the plug a twist and pushed it the rest of the way into her ass. Anna sucked in her breath hard. Her ass cheeks automatically clenched together and the butt plug was in place.

"Now put on those tap pants Anna," I directed. Anna picked up the pants and stepped into them and said, "Yes, Sir." She pulled them up and adjusted them so they were smooth across her ass. "Anna, now put on the slip." She walked somewhat difficultly back to the bed and took up the pink and grey lace slip and pulled it on over her head. She pulled it down as far as it would go, reaching just past her "Y". "Now, Anna, stand in the middle of the room and let me see if everything is OK," I told her. She moved to the middle of the room and slowly turned all the way around. "Well, now, you are more properly attired."

"Anna, although you are more accustomed to working for an old fashioned family, I think it is only fair to start you in slowly with us. It was suggested to me that I give you fifty spanks across the bare ass with the paddle, to let you know that you are now working for another old fashioned family. I believe it is more effective to start out slowly and train servants to our standards instead of someone elses. So, bring me that ruler." "Now Anna", I barked.

Anna retrieved the ruler from the bed and handed it to me. "Here Sir", she said casting her eyes down. I took the ruler and slapped it a couple of times against my own hand. "Anna, turn around to the side and bend over and hold your ankles," I commanded. Anna turned slowly and bent over grabbing just above the ankle of each leg. Her position caused the slip to ride up, the tap pants to pull tight across her ass and the garter to stretch out. Just as I thought there was a space about ten inches long on both thighs just below her ass and above the stockings that was completely bare. "Anna this first little session will be to punish you for being less than honest with us when you first came to work here. As I said not to severe. I believe that ten licks on each thigh is a good beginning. Now spread your legs a little farther." Anna spread her legs as I laid the ruler against her bare thighs. I didn't want to hit both at the same time. "Are you ready, Anna"? I asked. "Yes, Sir." She replied.

SSSSWISSSSHHHHH. CCCCCRRRRRAAAAACCCCKKKKKK! The ruler landed on her right thigh just below the ass. Anna rolled up on her toes. CCCCCCCRRRRRRAAAAAACCCCCKKKKK! Landing just below the ass on the left thigh. Anna sucked in her breath quickly. I continued spanking her thighs alternately, until the whole white uncovered area from top to bottom was turning bright pink. When the last spank landed on the left thigh just above her stockings Anna said, "Thank You Sir." I stood back a step and looked at her thighs. Both were a very bright color of pink. "Anna that seems to be a very good position, so just remain there." I said.

I walked over to the bed and laid the ruler down. Picking up the birch switch I turned around and started walking back to Anna. Swishing the switch through the air as I went. The sound made Anna's ass clench and unclench. "Mrs. Denaux told me that she found the switch to be most effective on you Anna. Is that true?" I asked. Anna replied, "Yes, Sir. Did she also tell you how she used it on me?" "Oh, yes Anna I am well aware of where she switched you." Walking around to the side of Anna I said, "stand up."

Anna stood up with her head somewhat bowed. "Anna, you may choose which I switch, either the inside of your thighs or your breasts." I said. "Which is it?" Anna turned to me and said, "Oh, Sir my thighs are on fire please not them again!" "Very well then Anna. I do know that on occasion you have to have your arms tied when you have a breast punishment session. Will I have to do that today?" I asked. Anna replied, "No Sir."

I stepped back a step and told her, "Anna throw your hair back and turn your head to the side". She tossed her head back and her hair fell behind her shoulders, then she turned her head away from where I was standing. I rubbed the switch across her exposed breasts, probing between them with the end of it. I dragged it across the nipples and they grew almost double in size instantly. Goosebumps jumped out on her skin. Her nipples turned a deep pink, almost purple color.

The switch cut threw the air and landed on both breasts right at the top. Anna gasped and let out a long sighing OOOOOOOOOOOOO! Her chest heaved a little. But Mrs. Denaux was right. Anna pushed her chest out awaiting the next cut of the switch. When the switch landed the second time it caught the right breast only, leaving a welt from cleavage to the outside. The third follow closely and caught the left breast. A welt arose crossing the first one. Anna was breathing quickly. And each time the switch fell her breasts seemed to move up to meet it. Her arms remained at her sides.

The next cut I landed sidearmed and it caught her left nipple squarely. Anna sucked in a big breath and breathed out a long slow ooooooooooooouuuuucchh. Her nipple grew even bigger and turned a bright red. The last sting of the switch hit flatly across the front of her right breast. Instantly a welt raised crossing her nipple. Again she let out a long low oooooooooouuuucchh. As I stepped back Anna turned her head and said, "Thank you, Sir, I deserve this for my misbehavior."

"Very well, Anna. It is lunch time, so we will take a break. However, after lunch I shall pick up here. Now go fix my lunch." Anna bowed her head slightly and replied, "Yes, Sir."

Emptying my water glass, I pushed myself away from the table. I pulled the napkin from my lap, wiped my mouth, and laid it down. Standing up, I turned to where Anna was standing at the side of the room and said, "We can continue here, Anna. You will then better remember that your duties include cleaning the table immediately after meals."

"Yes, Sir." Anna replied meekly.

As I reached down to my belt buckle to unfasten it I said to Anna, "Come over here and bend over this chair and hold onto the arm".

Anna moved slowly forward toward the chair as my belt slid from its loops around my pants. Her eyes watching me as she moved. "Come on don't dally, or I'll go get the paddle." Anna leaned over the chair and grabbed the far arm bracing herself. The position caused her round ass to jut out and up, her legs to stretch and the stockings to pull tight against the garter. "Now, Anna, I'm going to punish you for not doing your work this morning as you are supposed to. This will be just a sample of what you will receive if you fail to do your work in the future."

Taking the buckle end of the belt I wrapped it twice around my right hand. That left nearly 25 inches hanging down, for Anna to see as she turned her head around to look at me. I stepped back slightly visually adjusting my distance so that the belt would land across both ass cheeks and thighs. Anna had already started to breath faster in anticipation of what was to come. The redness from this mornings session on her thighs was gone. I asked her, "Anna, are you ready"?

"Yes, Sir."

"Anna, you will count aloud each stroke and thank me for it. Then I will give you another. Do you  understand?"

"Yes Sir." Anna's voice trembled in anticipation.

SSSWWWIIIIISSSHHH! The belt whistled through the air in a long arc. CCCRRRAAAAAACCCCKKK! The belt landed across the top of Anna's cheeks, making her jump slightly. "One. Thank you, Sir," Anna responded to its arrival. The belt whistled again and landed with a loud crack across her thighs between the top of her stockings and the bottom of her pants.

"Two. Thank you, Sir".

I continued working the belt up and down Anna's ass and cheeks until the whole of the exposed flesh of her thighs was a bright red. She was rolling up and down on her feet with each stroke, moving back to catch the full force of each bite of the belt. She was trembling, and letting out a long heavy sigh each time the belt landed. I wasn't sure but I was beginning to think that Anna was getting close to a climax. "Twenty-five. Thank you, Sir". Anna yelped.

"Stand up Anna." I commanded. Anna rose from the position over the chair. Slowly. She wiggled as the stockings rose up over the red thighs, pulled by the garter. She turned toward me with her head bowed.

"Sir, thank you for punishing me. I deserve all that you gave me for not doing my work this morning. I will do better in the future." Anna was quite meek now in her speaking. I could see the faint red marks across her breasts from the earlier switching. I also noticed that the front of her pants were quite wet. If she had not climaxed, she surely had been close. I decided a small respite was in order.

"Anna, now you will do the dishes and finish up the rest of the work around the house. Later this afternoon we will continue. I believe you still need one more beginning session so that you understand that you are now working for new employers. You will come to the library at 5:00 o'clock, and bring the paddle, and large wooden kitchen spatula with you. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir," Anna replied.

I retired to the library to read. I could here Anna working around the house during the afternoon as I sat in my easy chair reading. I thought to myself that she sure had changed her attitude from these two sessions. The final one today would insure that Anna knew how we expected her to perform her duties for us. I also knew that Bette would have to give her a session as well to insure that she knew both of us were in charge. Bette would like that.

As the clock struck its fifth chime the door to the library opened and Anna walked in carrying the paddle and large wooden spatula. Her head bowed she walked over to the chair where I was sitting and stopped beside it.

"Well, now Anna, that is more like what we expect. This will be my last training session with you. I am sure that Bette will give you one training session when she gets home. I don't think any others will be necessary, however, if you fail to do your work as expected, I am sure that we will punish you. Now, are you ready?"

Meekly Anna spoke, "Yes Sir. I fully understand that I am to work up to my ability and I expect to be punished if I don't. I guess that this session will be rather severe? And I deserve whatever you give me. Please proceed with my training."

"Very well, then Anna." I replied.

I reached out and took the paddle and spatula from Anna's hands. Laying them on the light stand at the side of the chair I said to Anna, "Come around here to the front of the chair. Stand in front of me with your legs spread apart 25 or 30 inches."

Anna moved around to the front of the chair standing about a foot and a half away. She spread her legs apart, with her arms hanging down to the sides. I looked at her breasts and could not see any marks from this morning's first session. Anna's head was bowed, her hair hanging down around her breasts and arms. I reached over to the table and picked up the spatula. As I did Anna drew in a sharp breath. "Anna will I need to restrain your arms for this session?" I asked.

"No, Sir." Anna spoke nearly in a whisper.

Adjusting myself in the chair for complete access to her thighs I gripped the spatula firmly. This would require me to deliver spanks to her left thigh backhanded, but I was sure that both thighs would be stinging when I was done.

The spatula was thin and had two long slots in it which would allow the air to flow through very easily. Leaning forward slightly I swung the spatula in a short quick stroke toward Anna's left thigh. It landed with a loud SSPPLLAATTTT! I followed it immediately with a swat to the right thigh. Anna gasped and caught another breath with the second SSPPLLAATTTT! Both spanks left red marks on the inner thigh where the spatula had landed. I continued to spank Anna's inner thighs from very near her panties to the top of her stockings. Anna's breathing was in very quick pants. Alternating between thighs I worked the spatula up and down both until they were a bright red. Anna's pants were again wet, which confirmed to me that she was finding excitement in this. When each thigh had received thirty-five spanks I stopped. Anna was breathing in quick short pants, her arms held tightly at her sides. She seemed not at all relieved when I stopped. Her breathing started to return to normal, and the tightness in her arms lessened. Leaning back in the chair I said, "Anna, I believe it necessary to give you a bare bottom spanking to make sure you know your position here. I want you to take off all your clothes and lay them on the chair there."

Anna spoke with a sob broken soft whisper, "Yes, Sir."

Anna walked over to the chair and started to undress. She unhooked her stockings and rolled them off; removed the garter; with some difficulty she reached around and undid the corset and removed it; then gingerly pulled down the wet pants. She neatly folded each item and laid them in the chair. When she had finished Anna turned and walked back over to me. I could not help noticing how bouncy her breasts were, nor the dew that was covering her red bush. She stopped to the side of the chair, head bowed, and said, "I am ready for you to continue Sir." Scooting forward in the chair I reached out and took hold of Anna's hand. I moved here around to the front of the chair next to my knees. "Anna, place yourself across my knees, with your feet on the floor," I commanded. Immediately Anna draped herself across my lap. Her ass was centered over my legs, her feet on the floor, and head hanging on the other side. This position caused her ass to present itself in a very good way for spanking. I reached over to the table and picked up the paddle. Placing it on her ass I moved it around in a slow circle. Anna gasped a deep breath.

I picked up the paddle in preparation for the first of many spanks to her ass. Pausing momentarily I decided that it would be better to use my hand. "Anna, I believe a proper spanking should be administered bare bottom, over the knee, with the hand. I will not use the paddle this time. However, you can rest assured that the paddle will be used by Bette upon her return." I laid the paddle back down on the table. I reached out and starting rubbing the cheeks of Anna's ass with my right hand. They were firm and somewhat cool to the touch. Not for long I thought.

CCRRAACCKK! My first spank caught Anna off guard. She let out a loud OUCH! Instinctively her hands reached back to guard her ass. "Anna move your hands or I'll have to bind them." I ordered. Anna's hands returned to her side. I raised my hand to spank the other cheek. As my hand started down Anna's ass raised to meet it. CCRRAACCKK! This time Anna moaned very lightly. I continued to spank her ass from top to bottom, each side alternately. With each spank Anna raised her ass to meet it, and released a low moaning sigh. After I had delivered about fifty spanks I stopped. Anna continued to raise and lower her ass a few times after I stopped. I started to rub her ass cheeks with my hand and felt my pants against my leg. It was wet. Not just damp, but really wet. Her cheeks were a nice red color, and no longer cool to the touch.

I used my hand to move her thighs apart. I was by no means finished and I wanted to really give her a good session this time. Her thighs were about five or six inches apart and I could see that her red bush was soaked. I returned to rubbing her ass. "Anna, I can see that you are excited by this punishment. You need not be embarrassed by it. I am not nearly finished yet, and if you become so excited that you climax I will not be upset. Many people find that this is exciting to them."

In a deep husky voice Anna replied, "Thank you, Sir. I can't help it. The fire you have put in my ass is burning all the way through me."

My arm and hand had regained the energy to continue. I reached down between Anna's cheeks and took hold of the butt plug. I twisted it around in nearly a complete circle. Anna drew in a sharp deep breath and blurted out, "OOOOH, Sir!" My arm raised and fell sharply. My hand delivered a sharp stinging spank to the center of Anna's ass. Setting up a smooth even rhythm I continued to spank her ass moving lower with each swing of my arm. As I reached her thighs I continued spanking. First the right then the left one. Alternating between them and spanking the backs and insides as well. Anna moved her ass in time with the rhythm of my spanking. Her breathing was becoming quicker and gasping with each spank. Each time I landed a spank to her inner thigh she would moan a little louder. Her legs were convulsing and she was starting to cry out with a series of "Oh's".

I continued to spank Anna. Moving up and down her ass and thighs, which were now a very bright red. Each spank I delivered now was returned with a very audible "OOH". The CCRRAACCKK! of my hand landing was echoing around the library and Anna was shuddering and moving in time with the spanks.

Suddenly Anna started rasping out, "OOH! OOH! OOH! Sir! AAAH! OOOH! Sir, I am OOOOH! going to AAAAAAAAAH! cum." I really started to lay on the spanks at that point. Concentrating on Anna's inner thighs I delivered sharp quick spanks.

CCCRRRAAACCCKKK! "Anna it is OK." CCCRRRAAACCCKKK! "It will not cause me to stop however." CCCRRRAAACCCKKK! "You must learn to do your work." CCCRRRAAACCCKKK!

Anna's only response was a continued series of "OOOH AAHHHH OOOH AAAHHHHH" I continued to spank her thighs with sharp well aimed spanks. I worked them up as high as I could and as far on the inside of her thighs as possible. The room was filled with the sounds of my hand spanking her and Anna's replying OOOH.

It seemed that Anna was going to continue to climax for as long as I continued to spank her. The globes of her ass were bright red and the thighs were turning to a deep redish purple. Some of my spanks drew longer deeper utterances from Anna. But each one got a response. CCCCRRRRAAAACCCCKKKK! "OOOOH"

I had delivered nearly seventy-five spanks since resting my arm. Anna had received a good session in training this afternoon and would remember it for some days. I was sure that she would sit delicately if at all for a week. As I began to slow down my spanks Anna seemed to slow down her rhythmic response to them. I had delivered at least twenty-five spanks to her thighs and ass since she started to climax. It felt as though my pants were wet from my knees to my waist. Anna was still maintaining that rhythmic involuntary movement.

I stopped spanking her and rested my hand on her ass. Anna was starting to slow down her breathing. Although she had reached a climax it was obvious that her ass and thighs were going to be sore for some days. As sounds returned to normal I could here her sobbing and crying. Excited yes, but punished very well. And Bette would be back at the end of the week.

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