Sunday, 21 November 2010

Anne gets it in the woods

The sequal to the previous story:

Anne desperately needed a spanking.  This was obvious from her attitude and behaviour.  The last spanking had been towards the end of her sophomore year in college.  John had tanned Anne's bare behind with the oak paddle in his study the evening before she left for college.

John had given Anne a fully paid Scholarship for her final two years of college.  John hadn't seen much of Anne during the first semester she was away, although she did send an occasional note telling him how well things were going.  Anne was unaware that John had been getting accurate reports from a friend at U-Mass.  Anne was on the verge of expulsion because of juvenile behaviour and poor academic performance. She had been on academic probation all semester.  Anne was coming home for a visit but it certainly wasn't going to be quite the visit she had in mind.

John had left a message for Anne requesting that she go directly to his house upon her arrival.  As usual she didn't follow John's instructions, choosing instead to the pond for a swim first.  After her swim she pulled on her faded, torn blue jeans and an old gray sleeveless sweatshirt over swimsuit. Finally heading up the path towards John's house where she knew he would be waiting impatiently.

Anne walked up to John's door and knocked hesitantly.  Moments later John opened the door, obviously upset.  "You're late young-lady” John said in a very terse voice.  "Come inside Anne, we have a lot to discuss." John said.  She walked into the house, very subdued, she had an idea what she could expect since she had done so poorly at school after John had invested so much in her education.  Anne found out quickly just how right she was as she sat with John in his study.  John stood up and began pacing the floor as she became more nervous.  John turned suddenly and began speaking in a slightly raised voice.  'I've spent a fortune investing in your education and not only do you not appreciate it, you just fool around and don't take your courses seriously.' Then to make matters worse you lie to me about how you're doing at school.  Then when I order you to come over, you disobey me.  "You're really going to get it know young-lady, this will be a more severe and embarrassing punishment than you have ever gotten from me." 
John exclaimed.  Anne was quivering and almost in tears, she knew that she deserved everything she was going to get, and she wanted it too.

"Come with me Anne!"  John fumed. 

"W...Who...Where are you taking me, sir?"  Anne asked, almost in a whisper. 

"To a special clearing in the orchard, where we won't be disturbed!"  John responded.  John led Anne into the orchard to a small clearing with a sturdy wooden bench in the centre.

Anne knew what to expect, and she did not have long to worry about her fate.  John led her to the front of the bench and sat down on the bench with Anne facing him.  Without a word John untied the rope belt holding Anne's old jeans up, unzipped them and pulled them down to her ankles in one swift motion.  Realizing that Anne was wearing a one piece swimsuit, a blatant attempt to lessen the pain of her spanking. 

"Anne slip your arms out of the shoulder straps of that suit so I can pull it down this very instant."  John ordered.  Not wanting to make the spanking any worse for herself, she instantly obeyed.  She stood trembling as John made quick work of bringing her swimsuit down to join her jeans around her ankles.

With Anne naked from the waist down, John began to lecture Anne about her terrible behaviour.  "I won't accept this from you any longer."  John said. 

"But...but...but."  Anne started to reply. 

"Not another word from you Anne, put your hands down at your side, and turn around."  John ordered.  John reached under the bench and produced a large old fashioned wooden hairbrush. John set the brush down beside him.  "Get over my knees this instant!!!"  'John ordered.'

Anne could feel the flooding her eyes as she slowly lowered herself over John's lap for what she knew would be a very hard spanking.  Once Anne was in position her feet barely reached the ground.  John briefly caressed Anne's full firm buttocks for a few moments enjoying the cool trembling flesh that he was about to severely punish.  John decided that they had both waited long enough for the spanking.  John grasped Anne's left hip with his left hand, picked up the brush with his right hand.  Anne clenched her buttocks tight when she felt John reach for the hairbrush.  "Relax your bottom right now, Anne.  It will only be worse for you if you don't," warned John.  Slowly and with a great deal of effort Anne did as she complied.  John brought the brush down hard on the centre of her right cheek and then again on the left.  Anne gasped sharply as the first two blows landed on her tender bottom.  John kept the steady rain of swats coming down on her butt.  "John please, my bottom hurts real badly” Anne cried.

After the tenth swat of the brush Anne was sobbing softly and squirming shamelessly exposing her light brown rosebud and her swollen, wet vulva.


By the twenty-fifth slap Anne was beginning to cry real tears and was struggling fiercely and she moved her hands down to try to cover her sore buttocks.  John was not happy about this and he let her know by giving her two sharp swats to the back of each thigh.  "OUCH, NO!!!" 

"Not on my legs sir, please I won't do that again."  "That's good Anne, but you're going to get ten extra swats with the brush, and you're going to have to count each one and ask for the next one.  I will let you know when the extra ten are going to come." 


After the fiftieth slap landed Anne was crying like a baby, gasping for air, and her bottom was a deep crimson.  Anne's legs were kicking so hard to relieve the pain that she had kicked off her sandals, jeans, & swimsuit.

"Now Anne you have the extra ten strokes from the brush for trying to cover your behind. Are you ready?"  John asked.  "Yes, sir, I'm sorry please giving me the first one."  Anne choked out.

"OUCH!  "One, please give me the second."  Anne sobbed.
"OUCH!  "Two, please give me the third."  She cried.
"OUCH!  "Three, please give me the fourth."  Anne choked out.
"OUCH!  "Four, please give me the fifth."  She whined.
"OUCH!  OUCH!  "Five, please give me the sixth."  Anne whimpered.
"OUCH!  "Six, please give me the seventh."  She responded.
"Oh please, John!  Seven, please give me the eighth." Anne wailed.
"OUCH!"  Anne could feel herself beginning to come.  "Eight, please give me the ninth."  She asked slowly.
"Nine, please give me the tenth."  Anne almost hollered.
The tenth stroke was the hardest so far.  "Ten, thank you John."  Anne blubbered.

John allowed Anne to get up off his lap.  She danced around wildly her full breasts swaying deliciously under her sweatshirt as she vigorously rubbed her tender bottom.  After a few moments as the pain began to slowly subside, she found herself doing something she had never done before.  Anne knelt between John's spread thighs as he unzipped his jeans and reached into his shorts freeing his long, thick erection and swollen testicles.  Anne gave the magnificent erection a long slow tongue bath before taking its entire length down her throat.  Anne's blonde head bobbed slowly up and down as she caressed John's balls and teased her clitoris.   John rewarded Anne's oral and manual attentions by filling her mouth to overflowing with hot sticky semen.  The semen that she couldn't swallow dripped down coating her chin and breasts.  She slowly let John's shrinking organ slip from her mouth, but not before licking the final drops of his semen from the tip of his penis.

Anne licked her lips and asked "may I stand up, sir?

"Yes you may, but remember you still have the second part of your spanking coming?"  John said. 

Anne lowered her eyes and sobbed "Yes, sir, I know I deserve, what ever I get."

Without saying another word John roughly removed her sweat shirt leaving her quite naked.  John could not help notice that Anne's breasts had grown fuller and appeared very sensitive since he had last seen them. 

For the second part of your punishment you are going to get a taste of the apple switch, and you are going to cut and strip your own switch.  "Go cut a switch and don't cut a flimsy switch if you know what's good for you."  John instructed as he handed her his pocket knife.  Anne could barely make her legs work as she slowly walked off nude towards the trees to cut the switch that would further punish her already blistered tail.  Anne found a branch that she thought John would approve of and cut it off.  Slowly walking back to John stripping the bark and buds of the switch as she went.  On the walk back Anne was acutely aware of the way her buttocks and breasts were jiggling.  Once she had returned and had the switch stripped clean she handed it to John, taking the switch from Anne he waved it through the air causing her to flinch violently.

"Spread your legs to shoulder width and bend over."  John commanded.  Anne complied with great reluctance.  She knew deep down that she deserved this switching, but it was going to hurt something awful.  Anne knew she was vulnerable in this position. Her skin stretched so tight on her well-spanked buttocks intensified the sting.

John took up a position beside and behind her and slowly rubbed the switch across her trembling bottom as he spoke.  "You're going to get six strokes with the switch, that is if you don't move.  'If you move, any stroke you had gotten up to that point will not count towards the six that you are going to get.'

Anne squirmed in position as John rubbed his thumb slowly across her opening and clitoris.  Then he placed his left hand on her right breast and raised the switch high in the air with his right hand and brought the switch down hard across the centre of both cheeks.  The second stroke landed an inch above the first.  Anne howled in agony.  The third stroke landed an inch below the first.  It was a struggle but Anne held her position.  The fourth landed at the base her buttocks where her thighs began.  This stroke caused Anne to jump, meaning her switching had to start all over again.

Anne took the first four strokes of her second dose with a large amount of yelling but she held her position.  John stroked her welted and bruised bottom letting her regain her composure.  The fifth and sixth strokes crossed her tender bottom at an angle.  Anne was sobbing her heart out and gasping for air as the final stroke landed and she dropped to the ground.

John lifted onto her hands and knees and knelt behind her fondling her breasts with one hand and fondling her clitoris with the other.  John pulled out his throbbing erection, rolling a condom down the shaft.  He lubricated the swollen tip of his cock along her vulva, before penetrating Anne's virgin ass-hole.  Anne gasped as she felt John's penis penetrate deeper and deeper into her anus, at first it hurt but that rapidly changed to an incredibly deep lust.  "Fuck me harder, deeper, fuck my tight butt."

John did just that, screwing Anne's ass with slow firm strokes while she stroked rapidly on her clit. Anne's pussy began contracting as he pumped his load deep into her bottom driving her over the edge to a shattering orgasm.

Anne would never admit it but she knew that she might not be doing to well next semester either.

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I love to spank said...

Do you have any stories where the woman puts up a big resistance to having her jeans unbuttoned so that it takes awhile for the spanker to finally get them down along with her panties? I'd love to read something of this nature.