Monday, 29 November 2010

A humiliating public spanking

This extract is from 'The Institute' by Maria Del Rey, published by Nexus Books and is quite a remarkably stirring public spanking. The story is of a Government run school for female offenders to which a young girl, Lucy, has been sent as a spy by a newspaper. To her shock, on her first day in class, she witnesses exactly what a strict regime really means after some property has been stolen:-

"This morning I instructed the prefects to conduct a search of your rooms," Mistress Shirer announced. She silenced the eager buzz of expectation by jumping down from the desk, the crack of her heels a sharp report around the room. She stood, arms folded across her chest and long lithe legs placed apart, then stared at the girls.

"The thief among you will step forward now to receive her punishment.'

Lucy looked around the room. She felt relief that stealing still took place, for it was the first sign of outward normality she had encountered in the Institute. She recognised the girl immediately. Lucy had been in the same situation herself on a number of occasions and was not fooled by the girl who was looking around earnestly as if searching for the culprit. Lucy caught her eye and smiled at her, letting her know that she knew and didn't care if the girl was a thief. But the girl ignored Lucy, sneaking glances instead in the direction of Mistress Shirer.

"You will be punished whether you own up or not," Mistress Shirer told the girls. "But if you don't own up, you will regret angering me!" She waited, deliberately, letting the tension build up. Receiving no response she walked down the central isle with a slow elegant stride, a hint of menace flowing around her. The girls eyed her with a mixture of fear and fascination.

"You girls are destined for punishment," she continued slowly, prolonging the tension.

Lucy was gripped by a sudden, irrational fear that Mistress Shirer was talking about her and a dense wave of panic began to rise within.

"No matter how hard you try," she paused by Lucy, "you return again and again to your old modes of behaviour."

Lucy held her breath, but relaxed when Mistress Shirer took another couple of steps and stopped at the last row of desks. All the girls at the front were craning round in excitement, relieved that they had escaped. Lucy shared the feeling of light headed relief.

"Stand up girl!" Mistress Shirer ordered the girl sitting in front of her.

"Please Mistress-" the girl began to explain, her small round face collapsing. Tears welled in her bright blue eyes and her pretty little mouth trembled.

Mistress Shirer slapped the girl's face, and the retort echoed through the silent room. The girl clutched at her reddened cheek, eyes wide with dreadful anticipation of what was to follow. She looked at Mistress Shirer imploringly but the Mistress grabbed her by the hair and pulled her out of her seat.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry-" the girl whined. She managed to free herself from the Mistress' grip and fell to the floor and began grovelling on hands and knees.

Lucy was horrified. She turned and looked at the other girls but they were watching with excitement. Many were smiling gleefully, enjoying the sight of the girl degrading herself.

Mistress Shirer pulled the girl up by the hair, clutching a tight handful of the long brown locks. She strode purposefully back to the front of the class, pulling the sobbing girl behind her.

"This filthy little bitch is a thief," she proclaimed, standing the girl up to face her classmates, " and like all bad girls she has to be punished again and again!"

"Please, I'm sorry-" the girl whimpered, squirming nervously.

"Unbutton your shirt!" Mistress Shirer commanded brutally.

The girl started to undo the buttons but her hands were shaking and unable to grip the buttons properly. Mistress Shirer pulled the shirt open impatiently, ripping the buttons off. The girl tried to shrink back, attempting to hide her naked breasts but Mistress Shirer tugged the girl's hair to make her stand properly. The girl winced and stuck her chest out, displaying the fullness of her firm breasts to all the other girls.

"Cup your breasts," Mistress Shirer commanded and the girl obeyed, cupping her large breasts and raising them up, accentuating the swell of her flesh. The girl's face was blushing deep red with shame, her eyes fixed firmly on the ground.

The first blow startled Lucy, who had become lost in the contemplation of the beautiful raised breasts bathed in the bright sunlight that streamed through the windows. Mistress Shirer began to lay hard sharp slaps on the naked ripe fruit held out to her, the loud slap of flesh on flesh beating out a rhythm of painful punishment. The soft white breast skin was flawed with a deep crimson tan, the impression of Mistress Shirer's fingers clearly marked for all to see. The girl closed her eyes and bit deeply into her lip. Her chest was burning and stinging, the regular strokes on her breasts painfully sharp.

Mistress Shirer varied her strokes, ensuring that each breast was spanked in turn, and also spreading the strokes over each breast so that the girl's flesh was an even colour throughout. She paid attention to the nipples, landing several blows directly on each, so that the nipples stood out sharply and glowed a deeper colour than the surrounding flesh.

"Thank you Mistress," the girl whispered when the breast spanking was finished. Her chest was patterned with deep red finger marks on a carpet of smooth pink tan. Her chest seemed to be aflame, the smarting concentrated in the tight sensitive buds of the nipples, sending confused messages to the rest of her body.

"Let the girls see how you are marked," Mistress Shirer ordered.

The girl uncupped the two punished breasts and put her hands on her head, elbows parallel to her shoulders so that her breasts were displayed to the best advantage. The flesh on the underside was still milky white, but it merged gradually with the scarlet finger marked flesh where Mistress Shirer's expert hand had chastised her. The dark reddish brown nipples were hard little buttons, provocatively erect, aching for relief from the smarting ache that covered them.

The punished girl kept her eyes averted but held herself up, pressing her breasts higher. She glanced up at the other girls, trying to look defiant, but the blushes of shame were clear to see.

"Now bend over the punishment desk," Mistress Shirer ordered the girl. Disconsolately, the girl turned away from the class and bent across the Mistress' desk. She pressed herself low on its surface so that her breasts were squashed flat, finding temporary solace in the coolness of the desk top.

Mistress Shirer unbuttoned the skirt and it fell around the girl's ankles. Slowly, she pulled the white cotton panties down past the girl's knees. "Part your legs!" she ordered and the girl obeyed.

The other girls craned forward in their seats, enjoying the view of the young naked backside so temptingly exhibited. The tight round arse cheeks were pleasingly parted, just a hint of the puckered arsehole within. A mat of curly brown hair indicated the entrance to her sex. The girl turned her head back and her eyes welled with sorrowful tears, humiliated by her exposure before the entire class.

Mistress Shirer walked slowly round the desk, revelling in the sight of the girl so gloriously exposed. From a deep drawer in the desk Mistress Shirer withdrew a long, supple, cane and she tested its mettle by swishing it through the air several times. The girl looked up beseechingly, terrified by the sight and sound of the wicked cane being played through the air.

"This is how I punish naughty girls," Mistress Shirer told the class, using one hand to position the unfortunate girl, pressing her down into the desk so that her arse cheeks were raised temptingly higher.

The first stroke whistled through the air and landed with a sharp crack across the bare bottom. The girl cried out, the stroke biting deeply into her flesh as a sharp spasm of pain seemed to run through her. A deep red line was etched across the globes of her arse, a livid reward for her bad behaviour. Mistress Shirer paused deliberately before striking the next note of this painful litany.

The girls watched in awed silence, hearts pounding and minds racing. Lucy's head was spinning for she was at once repelled by the painful public humiliation yet fiercely attracted to it. Stroke followed stroke and the punished girl's bottom soon bore a patchwork of red lines deeply burned into her flesh.

Lucy turned away, checking her own behaviour against that of the other girls around her. The small Indian girl had pulled up her skirt and parted her legs wide, her neighbour now rubbing her hand slowly between the dusky uncovered thighs. Careful not to attract Mistress Shirer's attention, the Indian girl raised her bottom slightly. She pulled her knickers part way down and guided the other girl's hand into place. When she saw Lucy watching, she smiled. With her free hand she gently lifted her skirt so that Lucy could see the dark folds of the moist pussy being expertly fingered. The shock on Lucy's face was evident, and the Indian girl beamed in delight, turning slightly to give Lucy a better view.

Lucy blushed. She was aroused intensely by the two girls masturbating, but turned back to the equally arousing sight of the girl over the punishment desk.

The girl's arse was obviously on fire, the pain unbearable. Her breathing came in short gasps yet the muted sobbing was replaced by the unwanted, sexually charged, release of soft wordless moans. She lifted her arse higher still, trying to meet the downward stroke of the cane halfway. Her pussy was alive with pleasure, her tight bud a molten burning centre of desire.

Suddenly she collapsed into an almighty screaming climax and lost control as the last of the heavy strokes found her reddened arse. She seemed to wince, gasped audibly and then let out a fierce clear jet of urine. She was too exhausted, too overwhelmed to do anything. She let the piss stream out until the flow slowed to a trickle that dribbled down her thighs and soaked her skirt and panties.

Mistress Shirer had stepped back and not been soiled by the girl's piss. Her smile revealed her delight that the girl had so lost control as to abase herself completely and utterly.

"Jenny can be left to clear up her own mess," she said calmly, "the rest of the class is dismissed."