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Worm's Eye View

This is another of my favourite stories from the 'Janus collection of spanking stories' called 'Worm's Eye View' by Colin Reed. The action takes place in post war England some time in the early 1950s. I have edited it slightly in some places to make it run better. The story needs no scene setting and is truly a voyeur’s delight! Read on:

'The flat we moved to when I was sixteen was in a large Victorian terraced house. The flat was a semi- basement, that is to say the rooms at the front of the house were reached by descending a stone staircase to the front door at the base of the steps. The rear rooms were on the same level as the garden.

It was very spacious, there were more rooms than we needed and I was given one of the rooms at the front as my very own den.

The room was tucked away at the end of a passage and was quite small and windowless. Nevertheless it was an ideal place for me and, since nobody else needed it or, for that matter, ever came near it, I was able to fit it up for my hobbies and spend a good deal of my free time there without being disturbed.

I soon found out that the room above was the bathroom of the upstairs flat which interested me not at all, until one evening while sitting in my den sticking foreign stamps in an album, I heard voices from above. They were feminine voices, and one of them was raised in anger, whilst the other, younger sounding one, seemed to be pleading.

Quite clearly I heard the angry voice say:

"It's no use pleading, Vera. I've told you time and time again and now you must take your punishment!"

I stood up, my ears pricked, as the young voice said in a despairing wail:

"Oh Mommy, no please!"

I waited with bated breath for the next move. There was the sound of something being moved and then a short cry of "No Mommy!" then the sound of a hand striking soft bare flesh.

I could hear every sound, just as if I had been in the room with them. Every single smack, each gasp and cry, all the pleading and entreaties from Vera, and finally the tearful sobs as she cried out "Oh stop, Mommy, please I'll be good!"

Obviously 'Mommy' was not to be swayed by her daughter's pleas for she continued to administer the chastisement.

Smack! Smack!

"Oh oh no Mommy it hurts!"

Smack! Smack!

"Oooohhhh, ah, please stop, it hurts!"

At last the sound of punishment ceased, and I heard Vera's mother say:

"If that hasn't taught you to behave, Vera, I will whip you again and again until you learn!"

Then there was the sound of the door opening and closing, and footsteps retreating along the passage. Vera was still sobbing bitterly, but I noticed that as soon as her Mom was out of earshot, the sobbing ceased. The sound of running water now came from the bathroom intermingled with several pained cries from Vera, and my fevered imagination pictured the scene. Vera was standing by the wash basin with her skirt pulled right up and her knickers pulled down to her ankles, and applying a soaked towel to her heated nether regions. After about five minutes, Vera too left the bathroom and I was able to relax.

As you can imagine, I was by now very excited and it was some time before I was able to think clearly.

The first thing I did then was to examine the ceiling very carefully. Since it was quite low, this proved easy, and I soon discovered that the actual ceiling was only cardboard nailed up to the floor joists. In one corner it was very loose and I had no difficulty in pulling it away. To my delight I was rewarded with a ray of light from above. By standing on a chair I was able to get my eye close to the hole, and was overjoyed to discover that I could see into the bathroom quite clearly from what appeared to be a gap in the skirting boards at the corner of the room.

I could see the bath and the wash basin quite well, also part of a chair, and, if I could enlarge the hole a little I would have an even better view. Thinking that there was no time like the present, I set to work. First, I pulled away more of the ceiling and carefully brushed away all the dust and cobwebs. Then, with a long screwdriver, I was able to ease the skirting boards apart, so I had a perfect view of most of the room.

Satisfied with my work, I cleaned all traces of dust and dirt from my clothes and the floor, then went out and scrounged a couple of wooden boxes. These I placed in position, so they made an excellent grandstand on which I could sit comfortably as I watched. Finally, I fixed the sheet of cardboard so that I could move it when necessary but, if anyone came into the den, they wouldn't notice it.

Although we had been in the flat a couple of weeks, I hadn't really seen the people upstairs at all. I knew the family consisted of four people, mother, father and two daughters. One of the girls went to work and, from the brief glimpses I'd had of her, seemed about eighteen or nineteen. The other was still at school and aged about fifteen. It was, I assumed, she who was named Vera and had received the spanking.

The next day I made it my business to be outside when the girls left in the morning. I propped my bike against the railings and pretended to be working on it when they came out. First the elder girl came down the steps. She was an attractive brunette, very smartly dressed, and had a lovely figure which showed up nicely in her black dress. After a few minutes the door opened again and Vera came out. She was a fair haired girl with long hair and a very pretty face. She was dressed in a short, dark green gymslip, black stockings, school hat and blazer, and carried a satchel. She was quite tall with gorgeous long legs.

She smiled at me as she passed and said 'Hello' but didn't stop. I thought she was lovely and fell in love on the spot! I turned to watch her walk down the street, her shapely hips in that short skirt swaying from side to side. I could imagine that neat little bottom twitching as she walked, and I wondered if it was still sore from the tanning it had received the previous evening.

You can bet I kept my ears open for any sounds from the bathroom during the short evening period I was allowed to spend in my den but nothing happened for several days. Then, one evening at about 8pm, I heard the sound of footsteps above my head and, like a flash, I was at my vantage point, my eye glued to the hole.

It was Vera's sister, whose name, I had discovered, was Joan, in the bathroom and she was just putting the plug in the bath. She was a picture, with her nylon clad legs and well developed bottom, clad in a skirt drawn tight across her rear, as she bent over the bath.

She turned the water on and began to undress. First she removed her jumper and I was treated to a clear view of a magnificent pair of breasts, covered only by a wispy bra. A second later and the bra was off, my eyes nearly popping out of their sockets at the sight of those naked breasts standing firm and proud in all their naked glory.

I did not dwell too long on them, for her hands were busy at the fastenings of her skirt, and in no time she had eased the garment from her hips and let it fall to the floor. A flimsy pink nylon slip followed, leaving her standing in just a tiny pair of red frilly panties, a red and black suspender belt and a pair of dark nylon stockings.

This was the first time I had seen a girl wearing so few clothes and you can imagine the state I was in by this time!

She ran her hands over her breasts, fondling her nipples for a few seconds, then bent down to retrieve her clothes from the floor. Her back was toward me and I was fascinated by the spread of her shapely bottom as she bent over.

The blood raced through my veins as she stood up, placed her clothes on the chair, and, inserting her thumbs under the waistband of her panties, shucked them down to her ankles, stepped out of them and threw them onto the chair. She began to unhook her suspender belt and I was entranced by the gentle movements of the twin globes now on display. Dimples appeared in the lower curves of each bottom cheek, then disappeared as she bent to slide her stockings off.

I had a marvellous view as she lifted first one leg and then the other to remove her nylons. Now I filled my eyes with a wondrous sight as she stood completely nude and exposed, entirely unaware she was being spied on. For a moment or two she stood thus, examining herself critically, and, smoothing her hands caressingly over her long thighs she stepped carefully into the bath, giving me, in the process, glimpses of delights I had hitherto only been able to imagine.....'

At this point the story, which is quite a long one, continues with how our narrator contrives to strike up a relationship with young Vera and the two become 'an item', but their relationship is restricted to adolescent fumblings in the garden shed. He becomes almost one of the family and is thus made aware, by being present at a conversation between the two sisters, of 'Mommy' s anger at some failing of young Vera's and how, that very evening, she can expect her first date with the cane! Of course, suitably excited though outwardly sympathetic, our hero makes the appropriate arrangements to 'sit in' on the occasion! Of course no one in the family upstairs is aware of our 'hero' s secret spyhole!!

Pray continue reading! :

'...It wasn't until very late, when I had decided nothing would happen after all, that I heard two pairs of footsteps in the passage above my head. Like a flash I was up on the chair and had my eye glued to the spy hole, just in time to see Vera enter the bathroom. She was followed closely by her mother.

Vera backed up against the wash basin and turned to face her mother.

"Please, Mommy" she began in a wheedling voice but that's as far as she got, for her mother's stern tones cut her short.

"I'm having no more excuses, Vera," she said sharply. "You should have done as you were told then you wouldn't have to think up silly stories to get out of being punished! Now, young lady, just you turn around and bend over the sink!"

"Yes Mommy" said Vera in a doleful voice, and with obvious reluctance, turned and leaned forward over the sink.

My view was temporarily obscured as Vera's mother moved towards her erring daughter. All I could see was the mother's form as she stood directly behind Vera, but I did see the thin cane tucked under one arm. She fumbled with Vera's clothing for a few seconds and then stepped to one side.

My heart pounded in my chest for, facing me was the glorious vision of Vera's plump white bottom, completely bare and ready for her caning.

Her mother folded up her skirt and pulled the white school knickers halfway down Vera's thighs.

My eyes were transfixed by the wonderful supple curves and the round plumpness of the twin cheeks. I was still feasting my eyes when there was a movement, a faint swish and the cane was planted right across the centre of those wonderful cheeks.

There was a startled squeal from Vera, and she jerked half upright and drew her bottom in, causing the cheeks to cling together so that the deep shadowed cleft between them became a dark line and the soft skin of her bottom puckered as she sought to harden her flesh against the pain.

Her mother waited patiently for a few moments while Vera wriggled her bottom about, then she raised the cane again and said "That's enough, Vera, bend down again!"

I thought at first the girl would refuse, but she gave a soft moan and slowly bent over again. I could see quite clearly where the cane had landed, for there was a thick bright red line across Vera's bottom and I knew from personal experience it must be stinging like mad.

I watched the cane poised high in the air, ready for another stroke, and followed it as it sped towards its lovely defenceless target.

Vera shrieked in pain, and there was no doubt that this stroke hurt even more then the first one, for I watched it strike home about an inch below the red weal and curl around the edge of Vera's well outthrust bottom, clinging for a split second before it sprang back again.

Immediately Vera shot upright and grabbed her burning cheeks, rubbing them frantically.

"Oh Mommy, no more. Please Mommy it hurts dreadfully! Aaaah my bottom is on fire!" she wailed. She cast an imploring look at her mother, but it was obvious that the good lady was used to her daughter's tricks and would not relent, so with a despairing sob, Vera resumed her position. Her skirt had half fallen, so that it partly covered the target area so, before the next instalment, it was again lifted and pinned out of the way.

As the cane was raised for the third time, I could see that the skin around the weals was beginning to suffuse into a deep pink colour and that both cheeks were quivering with pain.

Vera seemed to be trying to hold her bottom taut, but her position made such efforts impossible, so that her lovely bottom was alternately contracting and relaxing. It was a beautiful study in fluid motion as the firm supple flesh quivered and rolled as she tried to control her buttock muscles. Quickly I moved my camera over the spy hole and pressed the button just as a howl of pain followed another stroke of the cane.

When I put my eye to the spy hole again I saw Vera standing up facing me. Her pretty face was screwed up with pain and she was clutching her sore bottom.

"Oh Mommy," she wailed "I can't stand any more- please stop!"

Her appeal was so heart rending that I was sure her mother would take pity on her but, oh no, with a firm decisive gesture, her mother took hold of Vera and, pulling her close, forced the girl to bend over.

Once more she lifted the naughty girl's skirt, baring once more the chubby bottom, to my great delight, then raised the cane to continue the punishment.

Vera's knickers had fallen right down to her ankles, her legs were splayed wide and her knees bent, presenting me with a view so incredible that my already feverish pulse surged and throbbed through my temples. I licked my dry lips and forced myself onto tip toes.

Vera's mother raised the cane again, a slight smile etched on her face, and with no sign of remorse brought the thin cane whistling down once more on those beautiful rounded globes.

Vera gave an anguished wail and again her hands rushed to her welted bottom. She straightened up, meaning her skirt dropped and cover this delectable sight, but no! Her arms, pressed tightly against her hips, held the skirt up and I trembled with delight as I watched the jutting cheeks wobble and dance in the paroxysms of pain.

“Vera, you’re clearly having trouble keeping that skirt away from your bottom, so you’re going to have to take it off.”

“Oh Mommy”, Vera cried, “please let me keep it on, I’ll make sure it doesn’t fall again.”

“Take it off now!” her Mom commanded.

Vera slowly and reluctantly removed her skirt, leaving her stood there in just a t-shirt.

“Now bend back over, I haven’t finished with you yet.”

"Oh Mommy, Mommy," Vera squealed in terror " please no more, I beg you. I can't take any more!"

Her mother gave her a withering glance and her eyes fastened on the angry red weals of her daughter's once white bottom, but she pushed the girl down once more.

She placed the cane on Vera's upper bottom for a moment, then raising the cane high and without replying to the entreaties, brought it down hard twice in very quick succession on the unprotected bottom.

I hurriedly shoved my camera close to the spy hole and triggered it, then not wishing to miss the final acts, I replaced my eye to the aperture and saw my lovely Vera standing, tears running down her face, hands rubbing the stinging reddened buttocks and sobbing in desperation for her mother to finish the punishment.

Looking at her daughter for a few moments, the mother sighed and dropped the cane, saying:

"Vera, on this occasion I will let you off lightly. In future, if you disobey me you can expect a lot worse than this!"

Vera, her bottom now bright red and criss crossed with several sore weals, cried 'Oh Mommy I more, I promise to behave"

Then I watched the Mother leave the bathroom, with Vera following a few moments later after rubbing her bottom tenderly.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I like this story because it reflects my and my sisters ,home discipline .Mum is the disciplinarian and from an early age we were punished by spanking or as we got older a whippy rattan cane! She is quite strict with us against the modern trend and even at the age of 19 I feel the pain of her cane especially as it is given on my bare bottom and thighs! Dad leaves such matters to Mum ,taking the view that a woman knows far better how sharply to cane her girls! She is fair and does not cane too sharply as we bend down but enough to really hurt! Well I must close if you would like to hear more ?! Miss whacked!

Anonymous said...

Hi i loved this story.
Feel like getting a good spanking too
Ive got a HUGE arse, anyone interestrd let me know please